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Adaptive filtering : algorithms and practical implementation / by Diniz, Paulo S.R. Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2008 . 632 p. ; , This book presents the basic concepts of adaptive signal processing and adaptive filtering in a concise and straightforward manner. The main classes of adaptive filtering algorithms are presented in a unifed framework using clear notations that facilitate actual implementation. The main algorithms are described in tables which are detailed enough to allow the reader to verify the learned concepts. Many examples address problems drawn from actual applications. This book covers the family of LMS and algorithms as well as set-membership, sub-band, blind, IIR adaptive filtering, and more. Several problems are included at the end of chapters and some of these problems address applications. A user-friendly MATLAB package is provided where the reader can easily solve new problems and test all of the algorithms in a fast manner. Additionally, the book provides easy access to working algorithms for practicing engineers. The book has a solutions manual that is available from the publisher for instructors. Another resource for instructors is a set of master transparencies as a MATLAB Package including the MATLAB codes for all the algorithms described in the text which is available from the author. The author also has a webpage for the book. 27 cm. Date: 2008 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles (1),

Advanced asic chip synthesis using synopsys℗ design compiler℗ physical compiler℗ and primetime℗ / by Bhatnagar, Himanshu. Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2001 . 360 p. ; , Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis: Using Synopsys TM Design CompilerTM Physical CompilerTM and PrimeTime TM, Second Edition describes the advanced concepts and techniques used towards ASIC chip synthesis, physical synthesis, formal verification and static timing analysis, using the Synopsys suite of tools. In addition, the entire ASIC design flow methodology targeted for VDSM (Very-Deep-Sub-Micron) technologies is covered in detail. The emphasis of this book is on real-time application of Synopsys tools, used to combat various problems seen at VDSM geometries. Readers will be exposed to an effective design methodology for handling complex, sub-micron ASIC designs. Significance is placed on HDL coding styles, synthesis and optimization, dynamic simulation, formal verification, DFT scan insertion, links to layout, physical synthesis, and static timing analysis. At each step, problems related to each phase of the design flow are identified, with solutions and work-around described in detail. In addition, crucial issues related to layout, which includes clock tree synthesis and back-end integration (links to layout) are also discussed at length. Furthermore, the book contains in-depth discussions on the basis of Synopsys technology libraries and HDL coding styles, targeted towards optimal synthesis solution. Target audiences for this book are practicing ASIC design engineers and masters level students undertaking advanced VLSI courses on ASIC chip design and DFT techniques. 24 cm. Date: 2001 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Antenna theory and design, 2nd edition / by Stutzman, Warren L. Publication: [S.l.] : Wiley, 1997 . 664 p. ; , Highly respected authors have reunited to update the well known 1981 edition which is still hailed as one of the best in its field. This edition includes recent antenna innovations and applications. It features a succinct treatment of the finite difference, time domain (FDTD) computational technique. It is also the first text to treat physical theory of diffraction (PTD). 26 cm. Date: 1997 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Band theory and electronic properties of solids / by Singleton,, John. Publication: [S.l.] : Oxford University Press, 2001 . 240 p. ; , BrochØ. 25 cm. Date: 2001 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles (1),

Cmos digital integrated circuits analysis and design / by Kang, Sung-Mo. Publication: [S.l.] : McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2002 . 1 v. (unpaged) ; , "CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits: Analysis and Design" is the most complete book on the market for CMOS circuits. Appropriate for electrical engineering and computer science, this book starts with CMOS processing, and then covers MOS transistor models, basic CMOS gates, interconnect effects, dynamic circuits, memory circuits, BiCMOS circuits, I/O circuits, VLSI design methodologies, low-power design techniques, design for manufacturability and design for testability. This book provides rigorous treatment of basic design concepts with detailed examples. It typically addresses both the computer-aided analysis issues and the design issues for most of the circuit examples. Numerous SPICE simulation results are also provided for illustration of basic concepts. Through rigorous analysis of CMOS circuits in this text, students will be able to learn the fundamentals of CMOS VLSI design, which is the driving force behind the development of advanced computer hardware. 23 cm. Date: 2002 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Compact and broadband microstrip antennas / by Wong, Kin-Lu. Publication: [S.l.] : John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2002 . 344 p. ; , Relié. 24 cm. Date: 2002 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Computational electromagnetics for rf and microwave engineering / by Davidson,, David B. Publication: [S.l.] : Cambridge University Press, 2005 . 430 p. ; , The numerical approximation of Maxwell's equations, Computational Electromagnetics (CEM), has emerged as a crucial enabling technology for radio-frequency, microwave and wireless engineering. The three most popular 'full-wave' methods - the Finite Difference Time Domain Method, the Method of Moments, and the Finite Element Method - are introduced in this book by way of one or two-dimensional problems. Commercial or public domain codes implementing these methods are then applied to complex, real-world engineering problems, and a careful analysis of the reliability of the results obtained is performed, along with a discussion of the many pitfalls which can result in inaccurate and misleading solutions. The book will empower readers to become discerning users of CEM software, with an understanding of the underlying methods and confidence in the results obtained. It also introduces readers to the art of code development. This book is aimed at senior undergraduate/graduate students taking CEM courses and practising engineers in the industry. 25 cm. Date: 2005 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Designing the mobile user experience / by Ballard, Barbara. Publication: [S.l.] : Wiley, 2007 . 260 p. ; , Gain the knowledge and tools to deliver compelling mobile phone applications. Mobile and wireless application design is complex and challenging. Selecting an application technology and designing a mobile application require an understanding of the benefits, costs, context, and restrictions of the development company, end user, target device, and industry structure. Designing the Mobile User Experience provides the experienced product development professional with an understanding of the users, technologies, devices, design principles, techniques and industry players unique to the mobile and wireless space. Barbara Ballard describes the different components affecting the user experience and principles applicable to the mobile environment, enabling the reader to choose effective technologies, platforms, and devices, plan appropriate application features, apply pervasive design patterns, and choose and apply appropriate research techniques. Designing the Mobile User Experience: Provides a comprehensive guide to the mobile user experience, offering guidance to help make appropriate product development and design decisions. Gives product development professionals the tools necessary to understand development in the mobile environment. Clarifies the components affecting the user experience and principles uniquely applicable to the mobile application field. Explores industry structure and power dynamics, providing insight into how mobile technologies and platforms become available on current and future phones. Provides user interface design patterns, design resources, and user research methods for mobile user interface design. Illustrates concepts with example photographs, explanatory tables and charts, and an example application. Designing the Mobile User Experience is an invaluable resource for information architects, user experience planners and designers, interaction designers, human factors specialists, ergonomists, product marketing specialists, and brand managers. Managers and directors within organizations entering the mobile space, advanced students, partnership managers, software architects, solution architects, development managers, graphic designers, visual designers, and interface designers will also find this to be an excellent guide to the topic. 23 cm. Date: 2007 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Distributed cooperative laboratories : networking, instrumentation, and measurements.   Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2006 . 548 p. ; , Distributed Cooperative Laboratories: Networking, Instrumentation, and Measurements is devoted to the investigation of the main issues related to the sustainable realization of tele-laboratories, where real and virtual instrumentation can be shared and used in a collaborative environment. This is a highly interdisciplinary topic, where various aspects converge: multimedia communications and networking, sensor networks, Grid technology, Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning and control, network management, measurement instrumentation and methodology, architecture of measurement systems. The book contains peer reviewed chapters organized into six parts: Technologies for Real-Time Interactive Multimedia Communications; Monitoring, Management and Configuration of Networks and Networking Devices; Data Acquisition and Aggregation in Sensor Networks; Grid Structures for Distributed Cooperative Laboratories; Architectures and Techniques for Tele-Measurements; and Virtual Immersive Communications and Distance Learning. Each chapter presents a self-contained treatment, within a framework that provides the reader with an up-to-date picture of the state-of-the-art and of the most recent developments of this multi-faceted topic. 24 cm. Date: 2006 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),
Introduction to color imaging science / by Lee,, Hsien-Che. Publication: [S.l.] : Cambridge University Press, 2005 . 716 p. ; , Colour imaging technology has become almost ubiquitous in modern life in the form of monitors, liquid crystal screens, colour printers, scanners, and digital cameras. This book is a comprehensive guide to the scientific and engineering principles of colour imaging. It covers the physics of light and colour, how the eye and physical devices capture colour images, how colour is measured and calibrated, and how images are processed. It stresses physical principles and includes a wealth of real-world examples. The book will be of value to scientists and engineers in the colour imaging industry and, with homework problems, can also be used as a text for graduate courses on colour imaging. 25 cm. Date: 2005 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Lead-free implementation and production : a manufacturing guide / by Hwang,, Jennie S. Publication: [S.l.] : McGraw-Hill Professional, 2005 . 473 p. ; , Relié. 24 cm. Date: 2005 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Microcantilevers for atomic force microscope data storage / by Chui, Benjamin W. Publication: [S.l.] : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998 . 176 p. ; , ReliØ. 25 cm. Date: 1998 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Microwave electronics : measurement and materials characterization / by Chen,, L. F. Publication: [S.l.] : Wiley, 2004 . 552 p. ; , This topic is the subject of intense research and development since microwave materials form the hardware components of the present wireless telecommunications revolution. Featuring current technology developments, this book examines every aspect of microwave material properties, measurement techniques, circuit design and application. A concise introduction to microwave theory is provided, along with an outline of the methods used to characterise microwave material properties. The authors then go on to cover both established and emerging techniques in microwave measurement in detail. Practical examples of the use of microwave materials across a range of fields, including high-speed electronics, bio-engineering, defence systems and remote sensing, are presented along with guidance on the application of microwave theory and the appropriate measurement techniques. The final chapters look ahead to the future application requirements from microwave materials and challenges in the characterisation of materials microwave properties. The authors are highly experienced in this field and combine many years of industrial and academic experience. Provides a comprehensive introduction to microwave theory and microwave measurement techniques Presents materials property characterisation methods along with a discussion of the underlying theory Provides guidance on the development of suitable measurement methodologies tailored for a variety of materials and application requirements Brings together in one publication, coverage of a broad range of measurement methodologies, for the first time Covers the principles and methods for development of smart materials and smart structures Outlines the importance of microwave absorbers in the reduction in noise levels in microwave circuits and their importance within defence industry applications Relates each measurement technique to its application across the fields of microwave engineering, high-speed electronics, remote sensing, bio-engineering and the physical sciences A valuable addition to the bookshelf of all practising engineers and technicians working in the areas of RF, microwaves, communications, solid-state devices and radar.   The authoritative approach also makes this ideal for senior students and researchers in RF and microwave engineering and microelectronics and material scientists. 25 cm. Date: 2004 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Microwave engineering / by Pozar, David M. Publication: [S.l.] : Wiley, 2004 . 720 p. ; , Focusing on the design of microwave circuits and components, this valuable reference offers professionals and students an introduction to the fundamental concepts necessary for real world design. The author successfully introduces Maxwell's equations, wave propagation, network analysis, and design principles as applied to modern microwave engineering. A considerable amount of material in this book is related to the design of specific microwave circuits and components, for both practical and motivational value. It also presents the analysis and logic behind these designs so that the reader can see and understand the process of applying the fundamental concepts to arrive at useful results. The derivations are well laid out and the majority of each chapter's formulas are displayed in a nice tabular format every few pages. This Third Edition offers expanded coverage with new material on: Noise; Nonlinear effects; RF MEMs; transistor power amplifiers; FET mixers; oscillator phase noise; transistor oscillators and frequency multiplier. 26 cm. Date: 2004 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (2),

Mobile ad hoc networks : energy-efficient real-time data communications / by Tavli, Bulent. Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2006 . 265 p. ; , A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is an autonomous system of mobile nodes connected by wireless links to form a communication network. The challenge in the design of protocol architectures for MANETs is to provide a certain level of Quality of Service (QoS) in information transfer using the limited network resources, namely energy and bandwidth. This design goal is further constrained by the unreliable physical channel, the mobility of the nodes, and the lack of infrastructure for network coordination. To meet the QoS requirements for real-time data communication, some coordination of the channel is needed, but centralized coordination is not feasible in MANETs. Furthermore, since a MANET is a dynamic, distributed entity, the optimal control of such a system should also be dynamic and adaptive. This book presents the Time Reservation using Adaptive Control for Energy Efficiency (TRACE) family of protocol architectures that provide such dynamic coordinated channel access in a distributed manner, enabling energy-efficient, real-time data communications in MANETs. Furthermore, this book provides an introduction to the fundamentals of MANETs, an overview of protocols for each layer of the protocol stack, and a discussion of the issues involved with energy-efficient protocol design and quality of service for real-time data transmission. 25 cm. Date: 2006 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

MODAL ARRAY SIGNAL PROCESSING : PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATIONS OF ACOUSTIC WAVEFIELD DECOMPOSITION / by Teutsch, Heinz. Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2007 . 253 p. ; , Many applications of acoustic signal processing, such as teleconferencing and surveillance systems, require an estimate of several parameters present in the observed acoustic wavefield. The most important parameters are the number as well as the location of active acoustic sources. This book deals with the problem of detecting and localizing multiple simultaneously active wideband acoustic sources by applying the notion of wavefield decomposition using circular and spherical microphone arrays. The decomposed wavefield representation is used to serve as a basis for so-called modal array signal processing algorithms, which have the significant advantage over classical array signal processing algorithms that they inherently support multiple wideband acoustic sources. A rigorous derivation of modal array signal processing algorithms for unambiguous source detection and localization as well as performance evaluations by means of measurements using an actual real-time capable implementation are discussed. 24 cm. Date: 2007 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

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