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3-D shape estimation and image restoration : exploiting defocus and motion blur / by Favaro,, Paolo. Publication: London : Springer, 2007 . xiv, 249 pages : 24 cm. Date: 2007 Availability: No items available:

A Geospatial framework for the coastal zone : national needs for coastal mapping and charting / by Charting,, Committee on National Needs for Coastal Mapping and. Publication: [S.l.] : National Academies Press, 2004 . 168 p. ; , The coastal zone is of enormous importance to the well-being of the nation, as our lives and economy are inextricably linked to the features and activities that occur within this dynamic region. In order to understand and address the effects of natural and anthropogenic forces in the coastal zone, a holistic multidisciplinary framework is required to account for the interconnectivity of processes within the system. The foundation of this framework is accurate geospatial information - information that is depicted on maps and charts. "A Geospatial Framework for the Coastal Zone: National Needs" identifies and suggests mechanisms for addressing national needs for spatial information in the coastal zone. It identifies high priority needs, evaluates the potential for meeting those needs based on the current level of effort, and suggests steps to increase collaboration and ensure that the nation's need for spatial information in the coastal zone is met in an efficient and timely manner. 23 cm. Date: 2004 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles (1),

Advanced biomedical image analysis by Haidekker, Mark A., Publication: Hoboken, N.J. John Wiley and Sons 2011 . xi, 512 pages, [16] pages of plates , "This book covers the four major areas of image processing: Image enhancement and restoration, image segmentation, image quantification and classification, and image visualization. Image registration, storage, and compression are also covered. The text focuses on recently developed image processing and analysis operators and covers topical research"--Provided by publisher. 25 cm. + Date: 2011 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Médicales et Pharmaceutiques (1),

Advances in Digital Image Processing and Information Technology First International Conference on Digital Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, DPPR 2011, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India, September 23-25, 2011. Proceedings / by Nagamalai, Dhinaharan. Publication: Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : | Springer e-books : | Imprint: Springer : | Springer e-books, 2011 . 1 online resource. Date: 2011 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Advances in image and video segmentation by Zhang, Yu-jin. Publication: [S.l.] IRM Press 2006 . 457 p. , Image and video segmentation is one of the most critical tasks of image and video analysis: extracting information from an image or a sequence of images. In the last 40 years, this field has experienced significant growth and development, and has resulted in a virtual explosion of published information. Advances in Image and Video Segmentation brings together the latest results from researchers involved in state-of-the-art work in image and video segmentation, providing a collection of modern works made by more than 50 experts around the world. 26 cm. Date: 2006 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Algorithms for image processing and computer vision by Parker, J. R. Publication: [S.l.] Wiley 2011 . 480 p. , A cookbook of algorithms for common image processing applications Thanks to advances in computer hardware and software, algorithms have been developed that support sophisticated image processing without requiring an extensive background in mathematics. This bestselling book has been fully updated with the newest of these, including 2D vision methods in content-based searches and the use of graphics cards as image processing computational aids. It’s an ideal reference for software engineers and developers, advanced programmers, graphics programmers, scientists, and other specialists who require highly specialized image processing. Algorithms now exist for a wide variety of sophisticated image processing applications required by software engineers and developers, advanced programmers, graphics programmers, scientists, and related specialists This bestselling book has been completely updated to include the latest algorithms, including 2D vision methods in content-based searches, details on modern classifier methods, and graphics cards used as image processing computational aids Saves hours of mathematical calculating by using distributed processing and GPU programming, and gives non-mathematicians the shortcuts needed to program relatively sophisticated applications. Algorithms for Image Processing and Computer Vision, 2nd Edition provides the tools to speed development of image processing applications. 24 cm. Date: 2011 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Applications of pulse-coupled neural networks by Ma, Yide. Publication: [S.l.] Springer 2010 . 199 p. , "Applications of Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks" explores the fields of image processing, including image filtering, image segmentation, image fusion, image coding, image retrieval, and biometric recognition, and the role of pulse-coupled neural networks in these fields. This book is intended for researchers and graduate students in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, electronic engineering, and computer science. Prof. Yide Ma conducts research on intelligent information processing, biomedical image processing, and embedded system development at the School of Information Science and Engineering, Lanzhou University, China. 24 cm. Date: 2010 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Boosting-based face detection and adaptation by Zhang,, Cha. Publication: [S.l.] Morgan and Claypool Publishers 2010 . 140 p. , Face detection, because of its vast array of applications, is one of the most active research areas in computer vision. In this book, we review various approaches to face detection developed in the past decade, with more emphasis on boosting-based learning algorithms. We then present a series of algorithms that are empowered by the statistical view of boosting and the concept of multiple instance learning. We start by describing a boosting learning framework that is capable to handle billions of training examples. It differs from traditional bootstrapping schemes in that no intermediate thresholds need to be set during training, yet the total number of negative examples used for feature selection remains constant and focused (on the poor performing ones). A multiple instance pruning scheme is then adopted to set the intermediate thresholds after boosting learning. This algorithm generates detectors that are both fast and accurate. Table of Contents: A Brief Survey of the Face Detection Literature / Cascade-based Real-Time Face Detection / Multiple Instance Learning for Face Detection / Detector Adaptation / Other Applications / Conclusions and Future Work. 24 cm. Date: 2010 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Computer vision : algorithms and applications / by Szeliski, Richard, Publication: London ; | New York : Springer, 2011 . xx, 812 pages : 29 cm. Date: 2011 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (2),

Computer vision and action recognition a guide for image processing and computer vision community for action understanding by Ahad, Md. Atiqur Rahman. Publication: Amsterdam | Paris Atlantis Press. 2011 . xxi, 211 pages 24 cm. Date: 2011 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Digital color image processing by Koschan, Andreas. Publication: [S.l.] Wiley-Interscience 2008 . 376 p. , An introduction to color in three-dimensional image processing and the emerging area of multi-spectral image processing The importance of color information in digital image processing is greater than ever. However, the transition from scalar to vector-valued image functions has not yet been generally covered in most textbooks. Now, Digital Color Image Processing fills this pressing need with a detailed introduction to this important topic. In four comprehensive sections, this book covers: The fundamentals and requirements for color image processing from a vector-valued viewpoint Techniques for preprocessing color images Three-dimensional scene analysis using color information, as well as the emerging area of multi-spectral imaging Applications of color image processing, presented via the examination of two case studies In addition to introducing readers to important new technologies in the field, Digital Color Image Processing also contains novel topics such as: techniques for improving three-dimensional reconstruction, three-dimensional computer vision, and emerging areas of safety and security applications in luggage inspection and video surveillance of high-security facilities. Complete with full-color illustrations and two applications chapters, Digital Color Image Processing is the only book that covers the breadth of the subject under one convenient cover. It is written at a level that is accessible for first- and second-year graduate students in electrical and computer engineering and computer science courses, and that is also appropriate for researchers who wish to extend their knowledge in the area of color image processing. 24 cm. Date: 2008 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Digital geometry : geometric methods for digital picture analysis by Klette,, Reinhard. Publication: [S.l.] Morgan Kaufmann 2004 . 672 p. , Digital geometry is about deriving geometric information from digital pictures. The field emerged from its mathematical roots some forty-years ago through work in computer-based imaging, and it is used today in many fields, such as digital image processing and analysis (with applications in medical imaging, pattern recognition, and robotics) and of course computer graphics. Digital Geometry is the first book to detail the concepts, algorithms, and practices of the discipline. This comphrehensive text and reference provides an introduction to the mathematical foundations of digital geometry, some of which date back to ancient times, and also discusses the key processes involved, such as geometric algorithms as well as operations on pictures. *A comprehensive text and reference written by pioneers in digital geometry, image processing and analysis, and computer vision *Provides a collection of state-of-the-art algorithms for a wide variety of geometrical picture analysis tasks, including extracting data from digital images and making geometric measurements on the data *Includes exercises, examples, and references to related or more advanced work. 24 cm. Date: 2004 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Digital image processing / by Woods,, Richard. Publication: [S.l.] : Prentice Hall, 2007 . 976 p. ; , Relié. 25 cm. Date: 2007 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Digital image processing : PIKS Scientific inside / by Pratt, William K. Publication: Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, 2007 . xix, 782 p., [4] p. of plates : 25 cm. + Date: 2007 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Digital image processing and analysis : human and computer vision applications with cviptools by Umbaugh, Scott E. Publication: [S.l.] CRC Press 2010 . 977 p. , Whether for computer evaluation of otherworldly terrain or the latest high definition 3D blockbuster, digital image processing involves the acquisition, analysis, and processing of visual information by computer and requires a unique skill set that has yet to be defined a single text. Until now. Taking an applications-oriented, engineering approach, Digital Image Processing and Analysis provides the tools for developing and advancing computer and human vision applications and brings image processing and analysis together into a unified framework. Providing information and background in a logical, as-needed fashion, the author presents topics as they become necessary for understanding the practical imaging model under study. He offers a conceptual presentation of the material for a solid understanding of complex topics and discusses the theory and foundations of digital image processing and the algorithm development needed to advance the field. With liberal use of color through-out and more materials on the processing of color images than the previous edition, this book provides supplementary exercises, a new chapter on applications, and two major new tools that allow for batch processing, the analysis of imaging algorithms, and the overall research and development of imaging applications. It includes two new software tools, the Computer Vision and Image Processing Algorithm Test and Analysis Tool (CVIP-ATAT) and the CVIP Feature Extraction and Pattern Classification Tool (CVIP-FEPC). Divided into five major sections, this book provides the concepts and models required to analyze digital images and develop computer vision and human consumption applications as well as all the necessary information to use the CVIPtools environment for algorithm development, making it an ideal reference tool for this fast growing field. 26 cm. Date: 2010 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Digital image processing by Gonzalez, Rafael C. Publication: [S.l.] Pearson Education 2008 . 954 p. , Book by 'Rafael C Gonzalez, Richard E Woods' 24 cm. Date: 2008 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

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