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˜The œstatic and dynamic continuum theory of liguid crystals : a mathematical introduction / by Stewart,, Iain. Publication: [S.l.] : Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2003 . 360 p. ; , BrochØ. 24 cm. Date: 2003 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles (1),

˜The œtheory of transformations in metals and alloys / by Bhadeshia, Harry. Publication: [S.l.] : Pergamon, 2002 . 1200 p. ; , This work is a classic reference text for metallurgists, material scientists and crystallographers. The first edition was published in 1965. The first part of that edition was revised and re-published in 1975 and again in 1981. The present two-part set represents the eagerly awaited full revision by the author of his seminal work, now published as Parts I and II. Professor Christian was one of the founding fathers of materials science and highly respected worldwide. The new edition of his book deserves a place on the bookshelf of every materials science and engineering department. Suitable thermal and mechanical treatments will produce extensive rearrangements of the atoms in metals and alloys, and corresponding marked variations in physical and chemical properties. This book describes how such changes in the atomic configuration are effected, and discusses the associated kinetic and crystallographic features. It deals with areas such as lattice geometry, point defects, dislocations, stacking faults, grain and interphase boundaries, solid solutions, diffusion, etc. The first part covers the general theory while the second part is concerned with descriptions of specific types of transformations. 26 cm. Date: 2002 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Active control of vibration / by Fuller,, Christopher C. Publication: [S.l.] : Academic Press, 1997 . 332 p. ; , This book is a companion text to Active Control of Sound by P.A. Nelson and S.J. Elliott, also published by Academic Press. It summarizes the principles underlying active vibration control and its practical applications by combining material from vibrations, mechanics, signal processing, acoustics, and control theory. The emphasis of the book is on the active control of waves in structures, the active isolation of vibrations, the use of distributed strain actuators and sensors, and the active control of structurally radiated sound. The feedforward control of deterministic disturbances, the active control of structural waves and the active isolation of vibrations are covered in detail, as well as the more conventional work on modal feedback. The principles of the transducers used as actuateors and sensors for such control strategies are also given an in-depth description. The reader will find particularly interesting the two chapters on the active control of sound radiation from structures: active structural acoustic control. The reason for controlling high frequency vibration is often to prevent sound radiation, and the principles and practical application of such techniques are presented here for both plates and cylinders. The volume is written in textbook style and is aimed at students, practicing engineers, and researchers. * Combines material from vibrations, signal processing, mechanics, and controls * Summarizes new research in the field. 24 cm. Date: 1997 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Additive manufacturing technologies rapid prototyping to direct digital manufacturing by Gibson,, Ian. Publication: [S.l.] Springer 2009 . 484 p. , Additive Manufacturing Technologies: Rapid Prototyping to Direct Digital Manufacturing deals with various aspects of joining materials to form parts. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an automated technique for direct conversion of 3D CAD data into physical objects using a variety of approaches. Manufacturers have been using these technologies in order to reduce development cycle times and get their products to the market quicker, more cost effectively, and with added value due to the incorporation of customizable features. Realizing the potential of AM applications, a large number of processes have been developed allowing the use of various materials ranging from plastics to metals for product development. Authors Ian Gibson, David W. Rosen and Brent Stucker explain these issues, as well as: Providing a comprehensive overview of AM technologies plus descriptions of support technologies like software systems and post-processing approaches Discussing the wide variety of new and emerging applications like micro-scale AM, medical applications, direct write electronics and Direct Digital Manufacturing of end-use components Introducing systematic solutions for process selection and design for AM Additive Manufacturing Technologies: Rapid Prototyping to Direct Digital Manufacturing is the perfect book for researchers, students, practicing engineers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturing industry professionals interested in additive manufacturing. � 25 cm. Date: 2009 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Advances in Textile Engineering by Wang, Rui. Publication: Zurich : Trans Tech Publishers, 2011 . 1 online resource (768 p.) , Description based upon print version of record. | Preparation of Chitosan/Acacia Microcapsule Facilitating Photo-Catalytic Degradation of Polypropylene Nonwovens Date: 2011 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Applied reliability and quality fundamentals, methods and procedures by Dhillon,, Balbir S. Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2007 . 246 p. ; , Billions of dollars are being spent annually world-wide to develop reliable and good quality products and services. Global competition and other factors are forcing manufacturers and others to produce highly reliable and good quality products and services. This means that reliability and quality principles are now being applied across many diverse sectors of economy and each of these sectors (robotics, health care, power generation, the Internet, textile, food and software) has tailored reliability and quality principles, methods, and procedures to satisfy its specific need. Reliability and quality professionals working in these areas need to know about each other's work activities because this may help them - directly or indirectly - to perform their tasks more effectively. Applied Reliability and Quality: Fundamentals, Methods and Procedures meets the need for a single volume that considers applied areas of both reliability and quality. Before now, there has not been one book that covers both applied reliability and quality; so to gain knowledge of each other's specialties, these people had to study various books, articles, or reports on each area. As the first book of its kind, Applied Reliability and Quality: Fundamentals, Methods and Procedures will be useful to design engineers, manufacturing engineers, system engineers, engineering and manufacturing managers, reliability specialists, quality specialists, graduate and senior undergraduate students of engineering, researchers and instructors of reliability and quality, and professionals in areas such as health care, software, power generation, robotics, textile, food, and the Internet. 24 cm. Date: 2007 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Applied shape optimization for fluids / by Mohammadi,, B. Publication: [S.l.] : Oxford University Press, USA, 2001 . 272 p. ; , Deals with shape optimization for fluids, with the equations needed for understanding them, and numerical simulations. Introduces tools of optimal shape design, such as automatic differentiation, approximate gradients, and automatic mesh refinement. 24 cm. Date: 2001 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Chaotic vibrations : an introduction for applied scientists and engineers / by Moon,, Francis C. Publication: [S.l.] : Wiley-Interscience, 2004 . 309 p. ; , The book that brings order to chaos Fifteen years ago, Francis MoonЀ™s Chaotic Vibrations introduced, in practical language, the new ideas of nonlinear dynamics and chaos. Since then, the field has grown tremendously, and "chaos" has entered the vocabulary of not only physicists and mathematicians but also the general public. Researchers in nonlinear dynamics have broadened their scope to investigate ideas of complexity in natural and human-made systems, including networks in the brain, electric energy grids, and the Internet. With this paperback reissue of Professor MoonЀ™s classic, we hope to interest a new generation of readers intrigued by unpredictability in the laws of physics and its manifestation in the physical world in the form of chaotic dynamics. Written for engineers and applied scientists, Chaotic Vibrations gives specific examples and applications of chaotic dynamics in the physical world. It also describes how to perform both computer and physical experiments in chaotic dynamics. Topics covered include: Poincar‘̂ maps Fractal dimensions Lyapunov exponents Experiments in chaos Chaos in engineering Similar in its broad scope to James GleickЀ™s Chaos, only geared to a more technically curious reader, Chaotic Vibrations features an extensive guide to the literature, especially as it relates to more mathematically-oriented works; a glossary of nonlinear dynamics terms; a list of computer experiments; and details for a demonstration experiment on chaotic vibrations. This handy paperback version of Chaotic Vibrations arms engineers and researchers with the new tools of dynamical systems and prepares them to make their own contributions to this exciting and rapidly developing field. 24 cm. Date: 2004 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles (1),

Control systems for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning / by Haines, Roger W. Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2006 . 366 p. ; , Control Systems for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Sixth Edition contains a comprehensive treatment of heating and air conditioning system controls. This book was originally written to provide fundamentals of HVAC control to practitioners who were designing new control systems or maintaining existing control systems. Emphasis on fundamental control system principles along with the psychrometrics of air conditioning processes has remained a focus of the new edition. While control system technology has changed drastically over the years, the fundamentals of controlling heating and air conditioning systems have changed only modestly. Readers will find that fundamentals of existing control systems remain in this book so that those who need to maintain or troubleshoot systems that are twenty or thirty years old will be able to see what practitioners did during that time frame. In addition the ubiquitous application of digital control technology in very recent times is also described. Note that the fundamental control principles once implemented pneumatically are now being implemented in modern digital computers - software now replaces hardware. Another change since the last addition is a new emphasis on controlling minimum fresh air for validation purposes. New techniques for doing this have been developed in response to ASHRAE Standard 62, "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality," and these methods are included. Control Systems for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Sixth Edition is complete and covers both hardware control systems and modern control technology. The material is presented without bias and without prejudice toward particular hardware or software. Readers with an engineering degree will be reminded of the psychrometric processes associated with heating and air conditioning as they learn of the various controls schemes used in the variety of heating and air conditioning system types they will encountered in the field. Maintenance technicians will also find the book useful because it describes various control hardware and control strategies that were used in the past and are prevalent in most existing heating and air conditioning systems. Designers of new systems will find the fundamentals described in this book to be a useful starting point, and they will also benefit from descriptions of new digital technologies and energy management systems. This technology is found in modern building HVAC system designs. 24 cm. Date: 2006 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Data converters / by Maloberti, Franco. Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2007 . 440 p. ; , This book is the first graduate-level textbook presenting a comprehensive treatment of Data Converters. The advancement of digital electronics urged the availability of a still missing support for teaching and self-learning analog-digital interfaces at many levels: the specification, the conversion methods and architectures, the circuit design and the testing. This book, after the necessary study of the background theoretical elements, covers aspects and provide elements for a deep and comprehensive knowledge. The breath and the level of details of topics is enhanced by introductory material in each chapter and the use of many examples, most of them in the form of computer behavioral simulations. The examples and the end-of-chapter problems help in understanding and favor self-practice using tools that are effective for training and for design activity. Data Converters is a textbook that is also essential for engineering professionals as it was written for responding to a shortage of organically organized material on the topic. The book assumes a solid background in analog and digital circuits as well as a working knowledge of simulation tools for circuit and behavioral analysis. A background on statistical analysis is also helpful, though not strictly necessary. Coverage of all the basic elements essential for a clear understanding of sampling, quantization, noise in sampled-data systems and mathematical tools for sampled-data linear systems Comprehensive definition of the parameters used to specify data converters and necessary for understanding product data sheets Coverage of all the architectures used in Nyquist-rate data converters and detailed study of features, limits and design techniques Detailed study of oversampled and Sigma-Delta converters with simulation examples and use of spectra and histograms for a clear understanding of features and limit if the noise shaping Coverage of digital correction and calibration techniques for enhancing performances Use of theory and intuitive views to explain circuits and systems operation and limits Coverage of testing methods and description of the data processing used for testing and characterization Extensive use of Simulink and Matlab in examples and problem sets to assist reader comprehension and favor deeper study. 24 cm. Date: 2007 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Delauney triangulation and meshing : application to finite elements / by George, Paul-Louis. Publication: [S.l.] : Hermes Science Publications, 1998 . 413 p. ; , Hardcover. 24 cm. Date: 1998 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Dynamic plasticity / by Cristescu, N. D. Publication: [S.l.] : World Scientific Publishing Company, 2007 . 480 p. ; , This book presents a self-contained and comprehensive look at the field of dynamic plasticity for researchers and graduates in mechanical engineering. Drawing on the author's long career in the field, the book greatly extends material from the 1967 original edition with the addition of fresh research chapters as well as a full introduction to the elementary theory of plasticity. 26 cm. Date: 2007 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

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