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˜An œintroduction to biomedical optics / by Splinter,, Robert. Publication: New York : Taylor & Francis, 2007 . 602 p. : 25 cm. Date: 2007 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Médicales et Pharmaceutiques (1),

˜The œdisposition dilemma : controlling the release of solid materials from nuclear regulatory commiccion-licensed facilities / by Strobel,, Lee. Publication: [S.l.] : National Academies Press, 2002 . 248 p. , BrochØ. Date: 2002 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des lettres et sciences humaines et sociales (1),

˜The œmaillard reaction : chemistry, biology and implications / by Nursten, H.E. Publication: [S.l.] : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2005 . 214 p. ; , Research in the field of the Maillard reaction has developed rapidly in recent years, not only as a result of the application of improved analytical techniques but also the realisation that that the Maillard reaction plays an important role in some human diseases and in the ageing process. The Maillard Reaction : Chemistry, Biochemistry and Implications provides a comprehensive treatise on the Maillard reaction. This single-author volume covers all aspects of the Maillard reaction in a uniform, co-ordinated, and up-to-date manner. The book encompasses: the chemistry of non-enzymic browning; recent advances; colour formation in non-enzymic browning; flavour and off-flavour formation in non-enzymic browning; toxicological aspects; nutritional aspects; other physiological aspects; other consequences of technological significance; implications for other fields; non-enzymic browning due mainly to ascorbic acid; caramelisation; inhibition of non-enzymic browning in foods; and inhibition of the Maillard reaction in vivo. 24 cm. Date: 2005 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

˜The œmathematical theory of cosmic strings : cosmic strings in the wire approximation / by Anderson,, Malcolm. Publication: [S.l.] : Institute of Physics Publishing, 2002 . 380 p. ; , ReliØ. 24 cm. Date: 2002 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

˜The œquantum mechanics solver : how to apply quantum theory to modern physics / by Basdevant, Jean-Louis. Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2005 . 292 p. ; , The Quantum Mechanics Solver uniquely illustrates the application of quantum mechanical concepts to various fields of modern physics. It aims at encouraging the reader to apply quantum mechanics to research problems in fields such as molecular physics, condensed matter physics or laser physics. Advanced undergraduates and graduate students will find a rich and challenging source of material for further exploration. This book consists of a series of problems concerning present-day experimental or theoretical questions on quantum mechanics. All of these problems are based on actual physical examples, even if sometimes the mathematical structure of the models under consideration is simplified intentionally in order to get hold of the physics more rapidly. The new edition features new themes, such as the progress in measuring neutrino oscillations, quantum boxes, the quantum thermometer etc. Secondly, it includes a brief summary on the basics of quantum mechanics and the formalism we use. Finally, the problems under three main themes: Elementary Particles, Nuclei and Atoms; Quantum Entanglement and Measurement; and Complex Systems. 24 cm. Date: 2005 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles (1),

˜The œtheory of transformations in metals and alloys / by Bhadeshia, Harry. Publication: [S.l.] : Pergamon, 2002 . 1200 p. ; , This work is a classic reference text for metallurgists, material scientists and crystallographers. The first edition was published in 1965. The first part of that edition was revised and re-published in 1975 and again in 1981. The present two-part set represents the eagerly awaited full revision by the author of his seminal work, now published as Parts I and II. Professor Christian was one of the founding fathers of materials science and highly respected worldwide. The new edition of his book deserves a place on the bookshelf of every materials science and engineering department. Suitable thermal and mechanical treatments will produce extensive rearrangements of the atoms in metals and alloys, and corresponding marked variations in physical and chemical properties. This book describes how such changes in the atomic configuration are effected, and discusses the associated kinetic and crystallographic features. It deals with areas such as lattice geometry, point defects, dislocations, stacking faults, grain and interphase boundaries, solid solutions, diffusion, etc. The first part covers the general theory while the second part is concerned with descriptions of specific types of transformations. 26 cm. Date: 2002 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

˜The dictionary of environmental science and engineering / by Pfafflin,, J. R. Publication: New York, N.Y. ; | London Routledge, 2008 . 1 online resource (267 pages) Date: 2008 Availability: No items available:

A Geospatial framework for the coastal zone : national needs for coastal mapping and charting / by Charting,, Committee on National Needs for Coastal Mapping and. Publication: [S.l.] : National Academies Press, 2004 . 168 p. ; , The coastal zone is of enormous importance to the well-being of the nation, as our lives and economy are inextricably linked to the features and activities that occur within this dynamic region. In order to understand and address the effects of natural and anthropogenic forces in the coastal zone, a holistic multidisciplinary framework is required to account for the interconnectivity of processes within the system. The foundation of this framework is accurate geospatial information - information that is depicted on maps and charts. "A Geospatial Framework for the Coastal Zone: National Needs" identifies and suggests mechanisms for addressing national needs for spatial information in the coastal zone. It identifies high priority needs, evaluates the potential for meeting those needs based on the current level of effort, and suggests steps to increase collaboration and ensure that the nation's need for spatial information in the coastal zone is met in an efficient and timely manner. 23 cm. Date: 2004 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles (1),

Accelerator driven subcritical reactors / by Nifenecker,, H. Publication: [S.l.] : Taylor & Francis, 2003 . 316 p. ; , Text describes the basic knowledge in nuclear, neutron, and reactor physics necessary for understanding the principles and implementation of accelerator driven subcritical nuclear reactors (ADSR). For students and practitioners in nuclear reactor technology. 24 cm. Date: 2003 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Active control of structures / by Preumont, André. Publication: Chichester, U.K. : John Wiley, 2008 . 1 online resource (ix, 296 pages) : Date: 2008 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Active control of vibration / by Fuller,, Christopher C. Publication: [S.l.] : Academic Press, 1997 . 332 p. ; , This book is a companion text to Active Control of Sound by P.A. Nelson and S.J. Elliott, also published by Academic Press. It summarizes the principles underlying active vibration control and its practical applications by combining material from vibrations, mechanics, signal processing, acoustics, and control theory. The emphasis of the book is on the active control of waves in structures, the active isolation of vibrations, the use of distributed strain actuators and sensors, and the active control of structurally radiated sound. The feedforward control of deterministic disturbances, the active control of structural waves and the active isolation of vibrations are covered in detail, as well as the more conventional work on modal feedback. The principles of the transducers used as actuateors and sensors for such control strategies are also given an in-depth description. The reader will find particularly interesting the two chapters on the active control of sound radiation from structures: active structural acoustic control. The reason for controlling high frequency vibration is often to prevent sound radiation, and the principles and practical application of such techniques are presented here for both plates and cylinders. The volume is written in textbook style and is aimed at students, practicing engineers, and researchers. * Combines material from vibrations, signal processing, mechanics, and controls * Summarizes new research in the field. 24 cm. Date: 1997 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Acute exposure guideline levels for selected airborne chemicals / by Levels,, Subcommittee on Acute Exposure Guideline. Publication: [S.l.] : National Academies Press, 2002 . 292 p. ; , Broché. 23 cm. Date: 2002 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Adapting buildings and cities for climate change : a 21st century survival guide / by Sue Roaf, PhD. Publication: [S.l.] : Architectural Press, 2005 . 384 p. ; , From the author of the bestseller 'Ecohouse' this challenging and exciting text gives you an insight into the real changes that are necessary to give our modern day built environment both 'sustainability' and 'survivability'. The book is based on the premise that climate change is going to happen and its impacts on our lives are going to be far worse than generally expected. Sue Roaf argues that many modern buildings are not only 'unsustainable' in themselves but are also having a catastrophic effect on the global climate. In a unique argument, she illustrates that the only way we can hope to survive the following century in tact is if we not only begin to radically reduce CO2 emissions from our buildings and stop building climatically disastrous building types but also build only the buildings that can survive in the changed climates of the future. Throughout the book, traditional and modern building types are used to: explain the history and impacts of climates past, present and future on buildings; set the scene in terms of the history of building development of where we are now and where we are going in terms of sustainability and survivability of buildings; develop two main scenarios of future building development with the 'business as usual' model and the 'survival plan' model, and to make a list of recommendations based on the two scenarios of what actions should be taken by architects, planners and engineers as well as local and national governments, businesses and ordinary people in ensuring the true sustainable nature of the built environment. ɛ A unique text that reassesses the fundamentals of sustainable design ɛ A discussion and design guide providing you with the full picture of true sustainability ɛ Includes case studies supporting the argument that challenges orthodox architectural design. 25 cm. Date: 2005 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des sciences de l'ingéneur (1),

Adaptive filtering : algorithms and practical implementation / by Diniz, Paulo S.R. Publication: [S.l.] : Springer, 2008 . 632 p. ; , This book presents the basic concepts of adaptive signal processing and adaptive filtering in a concise and straightforward manner. The main classes of adaptive filtering algorithms are presented in a unifed framework using clear notations that facilitate actual implementation. The main algorithms are described in tables which are detailed enough to allow the reader to verify the learned concepts. Many examples address problems drawn from actual applications. This book covers the family of LMS and algorithms as well as set-membership, sub-band, blind, IIR adaptive filtering, and more. Several problems are included at the end of chapters and some of these problems address applications. A user-friendly MATLAB package is provided where the reader can easily solve new problems and test all of the algorithms in a fast manner. Additionally, the book provides easy access to working algorithms for practicing engineers. The book has a solutions manual that is available from the publisher for instructors. Another resource for instructors is a set of master transparencies as a MATLAB Package including the MATLAB codes for all the algorithms described in the text which is available from the author. The author also has a webpage for the book. 27 cm. Date: 2008 Availability: Items available: La bibliothèque des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles (1),

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